Professional and effective advisory services in all fields of law and modern business management areas.

Legal services for your company

Patnerzy Kancelarii SZiP

The team of experts of the Ślązak, Zapiór and Partners Law Firm is made of several dozens of attorneys and legal counsels who guarantee professional advice in almost all fields of law and modern business management areas.

Based on the knowledge of experts in various fields of law, we offer efficiently prepared solutions to our Clients. We treat all information we obtain with due diligence and care. We provide support in the form of ongoing legal services, as well as specialised legal advice.

Effective legal solutions

We advise management and supervisory boards of capital companies on ongoing operation, organisation and management. We also provide consultancy on restructuring, merger and ownership transformation processes. We prepare legal audits to assess the legal status of companies governed by commercial law.

We provide tax advice on project settlement and tax risk management. We advise on debt restructuring, including the conversion of debts into shares.

We prepare commercial agreements, contracts, statements of case and requests. We manage disputes and represent our Clients before courts. We also take part in appeal proceedings before the National Appeal Chamber.

We perform legal activities necessary to satisfy property claims. We pursue such claims at courts and during enforcement proceedings.

We provide legal assistance to natural and legal persons during penal proceedings, including in particular economic and tax issues.

Comprehensive legal service

We provide legal support to businesses, public administration units and natural persons. We work in expert teams that specialise in specific fields of law, including their wide trade context.

The very good knowledge of trends and circumstances of particular sectors is very important to us as it lets us create legal solutions tailored to actual needs of specific entities. While providing our legal services, we adopt all our actions to characteristics of a given sector.