Comprehensive support in tax issues

The Ślązak, Zapiór and Partners Law Firm has long-lasting experience in tax services for natural persons through capital, including listed, companies to the largest companies and capital groups in the region.

We have experience, among others, in:

  • VAT on the trading of vacant and non-vacant real properties;
  • income tax on the acquisition and sale of shares;
  • excise tax on electricity, gas, coal, passenger cars;
  • civil-law tax on the transformation of partnerships;
  • real estate tax on buildings or parts of buildings.

We help taxable persons to identify their assets as enterprises or an organised part of enterprises or a significant part of an enterprise. We analyse tax consequences of work performed Polish taxable persons abroad and foreign taxable persons in Poland. We identify the source of revenue in the context of business activity, activity performed in person or property rights. We advise taxable persons on tax exemptions connected with revenue earned by foundations and allocable to foundations’ statutory goals, housing tax credits, R&D tax credits and IP Box.

We advise on transactions with:

  • State Treasury
  • local government units and municipal companies
  • entities with Polish and foreign capital.

We represent taxable persons in proceedings with tax authorities and administrative courts. We perform due diligence.

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