Jarosław Góra

Jarosław Góra

Specialist in the law of the creative sector and the IT industry

He has been associated with the Law Firm since 2009, including as a Partner since 2023.

Expert in the legal aspects of cybersec and computer forensics. He has many years of experience in constant legal advice and in implementing projects for entities operating in the creative sector, for which intellectual property law is an important element of business, and in the IT industry, where law collides with new technologies.

In its wide range of activities:

  • cooperates with creators and artists, film producers, cultural institutions and event organizers, architectural offices, interactive design offices, software producers, website and website creators and other entities from the IT industry
  • advises on matters related to information security and computer forensics
  • conducts court cases and is a consultant in cases where electronic evidence plays an important role

He is the author of numerous publications, a speaker and a trainer in the field of copyright, information security, legal aspects of electronic evidence and computer forensics.


He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, speaks English fluently.