Market management is a set of actions supporting business efficiency. An audit plays a particular role there

The Ślązak, Zapiór and Partners Law Firm helps enterprises and investors to improve the effectiveness and security of their projects by identifying legal and tax risks and the development and implementation of efficient risk mitigation tools.

We verify and estimate legal and tax risks related to transactions and investments. We provide such services like:

  • comprehensive legal and tax due diligence audits for the purpose of the purchase of shares, enterprises or organised parts of enterprises;
  • legal and tax audits preceding the introduction of shares in the regulated market;
  • legal and tax audits of real properties;
  • specialised audits of selected business processes or business activity areas.

We support the Client’s structures and business units dedicated to ongoing internal supervision and audit, like internal audit departments or compliance teams, in particular by:

  • taking joint audit operations;
  • conducting internal audits, including investigation audits;
  • developing or verifying internal documentation (like security policy, rules or instructions);
  • supporting the implementation of procedures and remedies to minimise non-compliance risks;
  • holding practical training and specialised workshops;
  • supporting team construction and location in the structure of the company;
  • supporting crisis management.

We support many operating areas, including:

  • personal data protection (GDPR);
  • information security;
  • compliance;
  • procurement (including public procurement);
  • sales;
  • HR;
  • taxes;
  • contract circulation;
  • crisis management;
  • corporate issues.

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