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Patnerzy Kancelarii SZiP

A team of experienced specialists providing tax advice in almost all areas of tax law, perfectly understanding the goals and needs of the business. Professionalism, versatility and individual approach are the special features of SZiP TAX, which is the right place for entrepreneurs.

Efficient tax solutions

Our experience in providing tax advice and services to business entities, from natural persons, through capital companies, including companies listed on GWP, to the largest companies and capital groups in the region, guarantees proper protection of the interests of each of our clients.
So far, we have assisted taxpayers in identifying taxpayers' assets as an enterprise or an organized part of an enterprise or a significant part of an enterprise.
We have conducted analyses of the tax consequences of work of Polish taxpayers abroad and foreign taxpayers in Poland.
We identified the source of income in the context of business activity, personal activity or property rights.
We have advised taxpayers on tax exemptions related to revenues earned by foundations and allocated for their statutory purposes, intending to take advantage of housing reliefs, R&D tax reliefs or the so-called IP Box.