Construction industry and real properties

Construction industry and real properties

We support all legal aspects of investments in, management and funding of real properties

Due to our long-lasting experience in comprehensive legal services for private and corporate investors, as well as real property administrators and real property agencies, we have been able to carry out a number of projects in the construction and real property sector.

We provide our clients with comprehensive and professional legal services at each project stage.

As we know extensive issues of the real property law, we:

  • provide legal services in relation to projects, including support during the development and negotiation of construction contracts;
  • provide legal assistance to developers by taking part in the preparation of documentation required in connection with a developer project and agreements with buyers;
  • advise on real property trading by conducting a comprehensive due diligence of real properties;
  • provide tax advice on real properties;
  • provide comprehensive legal services to social construction societies, business units managing municipal housing resources and housing cooperatives;
  • advise on the interpretation of administrative law, including local legal acts;
  • represent clients in disputes concerning the ownership of legal properties, a construction process and other issues related to real property trading, during court trials and out-of-court negotiations.

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