We provide comprehensive legal services at all stages of funding acquisition and spending.

The financial sector is one of the most important and dynamic elements of the economy, which needs to adapt to changes rapidly. To effectively combine finance and modern solutions, including top quality services, you need ongoing legal and tax support.

Our Law Firm has been supporting entrepreneurs in acquiring and investing their working and investment capital for many years. We advise both financial institutions dealing with the collection and distribution of financial resources, as well as non-financial institutions.

For the financial sector, we:

  • prepare and comment on agreements, resolutions, prospectuses and other documents based on which financial resources are allocated to various economic projects;
  • prepare legal documentation based on which entrepreneurs acquire financial instruments necessary to finance their ongoing and investing activities;
  • advice on loans, bonds, shares, currency options and all other financial market instruments;
  • design and comment on agreements based on which funds are distributed to investors;
  • represent our clients, including commercial banks, in litigations concerning financial instruments.

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