Health care

Health care

We provide legal support to entities in the widely understood medical sector

We provide our services to general and specialised hospitals, primary health care units, as well as service providers of occupational medicine and suppliers of medical devices. We advise non-governmental organisations operating in the field of life sciences and related areas. We also cooperate with representatives of the veterinary market.

We focus on the development of safe and effective legal solutions for representatives of the medical market.

For the health care sector, we:

  • provide comprehensive legal services to health care entities, including legal services provided in relation to research processes and support in the definition and verification of legal conditions for employment of medical personnel, based on sector-related regulations;
  • provide legal support during the inspection of health care entities by public administration authorities, as well as represent them in cases concerning medical errors before voivodeship medical event commissions, common courts and disciplinary authorities;
  • advise on the acquisition and funding of health care entities;
  • provide support during the preparation of the legal structure of telemedicine;
  • provide legal advice on the reorganisation and restructuring of health care entities;
  • provide legal advice on compliance of activities with Polish and EU regulations on medicinal products and medical devices, including legal audits;
  • manage marketing projects in the health care sector, including the assessment of marketing practices in terms of compliance with limitations stemming from legal regulations (non-advertisement regulation), as well as the planning and performance of marketing strategies in the health care sector;
  • audit personal data processing and prepare documentation required by the General Data Protection Regulation and sector-related regulations.

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