IT, media, new technologies

IT, media, new technologies

We know and understand the specificity of the market of new technologies very well

Due to our established experience, we are able to provide comprehensive legal advisory services to one of the rapidly developing branches of the economy. We cooperate with entities providing IT services, producers of software and IT systems, authors of websites, entities operating in the e-commerce sector, as well as business representatives dealing with intellectual property and widely understood new technologies.

We have a long-lasting experience in comprehensive legal advice on IT projects, including software development, implementation and maintenance.

For the IT sector, we:

  • provide comprehensive legal services for software houses;
  • design and comment on IT (implementation, maintenance, development) contracts, including agreements concerning the transfer of copyrights and licence agreements;
  • take part in the preparation and negotiation of all types of IT services, including cloud computing;
  • advise to entities operating in the e-commerce sector at all stages of their activity;
  • provide comprehensive legal advice to start-ups;
  • represent our clients in claim handling procedures;
  • audit legal solutions related to information protection and security.

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