Legal support to start-ups

We provide a necessary scope of advisory services related to the operation of start-ups

Due to the dynamic development of the IT sector, technological achievements are used in more and more fields of life. Understanding legal frameworks of ongoing digitalisation without prejudice to its potential is one of many challenges that lawyers providing services to the sector of new technologies must face. The Ślązak, Zapiór and Partners Law Firm offers a wide scope of advisory services to start-ups.

Involvement in investment processes

It is not, however, possible to develop and implement innovative solutions without relevant capital. Legal aid to originators and investors can be necessary to develop clear and satisfactory terms of cooperation.

The Ślązak, Zapiór and Partners Law Firm has experience in cooperation with financial institutions and knowledge of intellectual property rights and new technologies, which means that it will efficiently balance interests of both owners and managers.

We took part in such projects like:

  • advisory services to a venture capital fund during the funding of a company operating in the social listening area;
  • advisory services in relation to transactions made by a venture capital fund in fintech at the pre-seed stage;
  • advisory services in relation to investment transactions made by business entities in IT start-ups implementing athlete capacity monitoring tools;
  • investment advice to IT start-ups implementing management tools in the restaurant and catering sector during the acquisition of funding from the private equity fund;
  • the implementation of the employee share ownership programme (ESOP) for one of IT companies providing services to the financial sector;
  • due diligence of legal risks connected with capital exposure in an R&D company, including the development and implementation of AI solutions.

Ongoing legal issues of start-ups:

Our Law Firm also takes part in solving legal problems of the IT sector connected with ongoing operation, whatever the source of funding. For that purpose, we provide full legal aid including legal and tax analyses, the preparation of documentation and the representation of interests before public institutions.

Our Law Firm has experience, among others, in:

  • the organisation of legal relations between start-up owners, including incentive instruments;
  • ongoing services for an IT entity providing AI solutions;
  • the verification of legal conditions for the settlement of a research project in the medical area, financed with EU funds;
  • legal advice on VR/AR projects;
  • legal and tax support for IP BOX allowance.

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