Penal and tax and penal and economic protection

We represent our clients in penal and tax proceedings and in cases connected with economic crimes

Lawyers of the Ślązak, Zapiór and Partners Law Firm, as participants of penal trials, often related to events of the first pages of newspapers, also specialise in economic crimes and defence of people accused of such crimes (white collar crimes).

In this field, our Law Firm:

  • defends people at management positions in leading enterprises in the medical, arms, new technologies, power, heavy industry and mining industries in penal proceedings and penal and tax proceedings, including corruption charges (giving/receiving financial benefits) and participation in trading fictitious accounting documents or wrongfully obtaining taxes or acting to the detriment of a company;
  • defends public trust professionals/public officers in penal proceedings, including, without limitation, an abuse of authorisations/non-fulfilment of duties or giving/receiving financial benefits;
  • defends employees/associates of many banks operating in Poland in penal cases, including, without limitation, the performance of professional activities or advice in privatisation processes;
  • defends management staff of companies operating in the construction sector, heavy industry and mining industry in penal proceedings related to accidents and catastrophes, including fatal accidents.

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