Personal data protection

Entering into agreements, invoicing services, mailing and sending newsletters to establish customer relationships and even a request for a telephone number mean acquiring personal data whose processing and collection are protected by law.

The Ślązak, Zapiór and Partners Law Firm has been providing legal advice on personal data protection for a dozen years. We realise perfectly that the proper protection of personal data is essential in business.

Our lawyers provide comprehensive legal services both to entrepreneurs and public institutions. We support personal data processing management in compliance with applicable laws and sectoral regulations. Our actions are supplemented with employee training on personal data protection.

We also represent our clients in proceedings before the General Personal Data Protection Officer.

Our services related to data protection law include in particular:

  • comprehensive adjustment of business processes to requirements stemming from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);
  • full study of legal status in terms of personal data protection and post-implementation audits;
  • development and adjustment of documentation, procedures, information security analyses, including personal data protection;
  • advice on the management of personal data processing, including adjustment to applicable personal data laws and sectoral (medical, banking, insurance, etc.) regulations;
  • representing our clients in personal data protection proceedings before the President of the Personal Data Protection Office and administrative and common courts;
  • legal advice on negotiating and entering into data processing agreements;
  • acting as a data protection officer;
  • legal advice on the exercise of rights of data subjects and management of data protection incidents;
  • training on personal data protection, including in particular HR/medical/IT sectors.

We use our long-lasting experience in personal data protection in many projects, including, for example:

  • development of complete corporate personal data protection documentation, including in particular documentation used in recruitment and legal advice on the implementation of an online recruitment platform for a regional (CEE) talent acquisition centre, being one of global groups in the automotive sector;
  • comprehensive adjustment of personal data processing in SaaS/Paas models and on-premise CRM and TNA platforms for leaders of the software sector in Central Europe;
  • legal advice for headhunting agencies on the implementation of psychometric tools Talegent, used in recruitment, and evaluation in the HR area;
  • a number of post-implementation and periodical audits in the personal data protection and information security areas based on ISO 27001 (information security);
  • comprehensive legal advice on the adjustment of an organisation to the GDPR, in particular in the medical, automotive and IT sectors, for several dozen clients.

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