Power industry

Power industry

We advise on all legal aspects of the power and mining industries

Since the beginning of our activity, we have been providing comprehensive legal and tax advisory services to enterprises in the power and mining sectors both in Poland and abroad, including Polish and foreign investors.

We carry out projects related to industrial procurement, including the renovation and modernisation of power units. We advise entrepreneurs providing complex services to the industrial power industry and the mining industry. We coordinate the restructuring of mining enterprises, including comprehensive organisational and ownership changes.

In the power and mining industry, we:

  • provide comprehensive legal services to electricity undertakings and investment projects carried out in the power industry, including in particular renewable energy sources;
  • advise on power law, environmental protection law and wastes management law, including in particular EU directives and regulations applicable to the activity of our clients;
  • provide legal consultation and prepare draft bid documentation for public procurement procedures, including industrial procurement;
  • handle arbitration proceedings, in particular those before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office;
  • advise on geological and mining law and water law, including, without limitation, changes in water conditions caused by the drainage of mines;
  • obtain public administration permits, decisions and approvals that are necessary to carry out geological and mining activities;
  • handle restructuring processes and structural changes in mining undertakings;
  • represent mining undertakings in negotiations with community representation and take part in negotiations with local communities;
  • represent mining undertakings in administrative proceedings, including those held before mining administration authorities, administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

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