We represent and defend our clients during penal proceedings

We have many years of trial experience in all types of court proceedings, including the representation of entrepreneurs and natural persons in disputes (not only before courts) and the representation and defence of clients in penal proceedings, including in particular economic and fiscal crimes.

We provide professional aid at each stage of dispute, taking into consideration the object and specificity of the dispute and customer requirements.

Penal cases:

  • we carefully analyse all aspects of the case, present development solutions and recommend the most adequate defence to the client (suspect/accused) or represent the client’s interests (victim/ancillary prosecutor);
  • we take part in mediations with parties to the proceedings (both representing the suspect/accused, as well as the victim/ancillary prosecutor);
  • we represent the client during preparatory, court and enforcement proceedings.

Economic issues:

  • we analyse all aspects of the case in detail;
  • we recommend the most adequate method of claim pursuance or defence to the client;
  • we take part in mediations with other parties to the proceedings and prepare agreements and settlements;
  • we represent the client in arbitration proceedings, as well as proceedings before all common courts;
  • we represent the client in enforcement proceedings.

Family cases:

We treat each case in a comprehensive way, taking into consideration both the Family and Guardianship Code, as well as other regulations applicable to family cases (including legal and penal aspects).

  • we provide aid in all proceedings related to family law, including in particular divorce, separation, maintenance benefits, care of minor children (objection to and determination of paternity, parental responsibility, contacts with parents).
  • we represent our clients in cases concerning the division of joint property after divorce, mutual settlements and recommend the most favourable and feasible way of conduct.
  • we support, advise and represent our clients during settlement negotiations and mediations.
  • our experts also have rich experience in cases related to guardianship and care.
  • we support our clients in cases concerning incapacitation from the moment the difficult decision to file such a request is made through to the final ruling and then the fulfilment of the carer’s duties.
  • we help our clients understand and handle a complicated adoption procedure, as well as the establishment and further operation of a foster family.

Inheritance issues:

Many people believe that you should be interested in inheritance regulations only when the closest person dies. This is misleading. Our Law Firm helps clients to protect their closest against death of a potential heir: a correctly prepared and protected will.

  • we help protect the interests of a company in case of death of an owner/a partner: relevant regulations in agreements, appointment of a successor.
  • we provide legal assistance at each stage of inheritance proceedings to family members and relatives of the deceased: confirmation of heritage, relevant inheritance statements (acceptance, rejection), division of inheritance.
  • we represent our clients in cases concerning legitimate, including the determination of the estate.

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