Piotr Wielgosz

Piotr Wielgosz

Specialist in HR and corporate law

Specialist in HR and corporate law. He has been associated with the Law Firm since 2012, including as its Partner from 2023.

At SZiP, he heads the HR Law Team. Legal advisor and coordinator in comprehensive restructuring processes of companies and capital groups, in particular in the HR and corporate areas. He has many years of experience in providing legal services to several key manufacturers from the automotive industry, as well as companies in the field of HR with a total employment scale of several dozen thousand employees.

He is the creator of several dozen collective labor law acts, collective agreements, employment-related regulations and procedures, models for introducing changes to collective labor law, as well as models of consultation, negotiation and representation of trade unions and inter-enterprise trade unions when concluding collective agreements and negotiating collective labor agreements. As part of legal services:

  • advises members of bodies when concluding employment-related contracts, in particular management contracts and all employment-related contracts
  • provides legal assistance in crisis management for employers and top management
  • is a legal representative of companies and entrepreneurs in matters related to labor law
  • advises on the unification of the principles of payment of employee benefits and optimization of employee working time, and provides legal advice in the recruitment and internal employment process
  • advises companies with State Treasury shareholding, in particular in the area of HR, corporate governance and state property management.

He is also the author and coordinator of several audits assessing the legal status of commercial law companies (due diligence), including the employment status, and audits carried out in terms of restructuring, transfers of workplaces, and capital transactions with a total value of several billion zlotys.

An experienced trainer and speaker at numerous nationwide conferences and training courses. He conducts open and closed training for entities from the private and public sectors, including listed companies, State Treasury companies, ministries and local government institutions.

Creator and author of the HRinLAW blog.



A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia in Katowice. He attended the School of English and European Union Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Warsaw, speaks English.